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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rolling over & Tummy time!

Yesterday I took a bunch of cute pictures...

Trying to roll over...he is doing a good job!

He does enjoy the rolling over thing, as long as he stays on one side, but he doesn't really like to lay on his tummy at all. I make him try a few times a day, but he is pissed at me the whole time.

Anyway, I think I tricked him into this milestone. I took all of his favorite toys and piled them up around him so that he'd be so entertained he wouldn't even realize that he was doing what I wanted (this little person is rather stubborn). Or simply doing it when he is in the best mood, like this day!!!

So, later, when the time comes I have to figure out a way to trick him into crawling...

Tummy time!

Great posture! 

Not so great posture!

Note of the day: Ian's doctor said he will receive therapy if he does not improve his posture during tummy time :(

And then...Bed time!

    I have may never said this before but Ian always smiles while dreaming (as shown in the last three photos) I love my little bugger!!!

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