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Friday, April 22, 2011

4 months everyday guide

I thought I'd do a little summary of the things Ian uses every single day at (about) 4 months old. It's crazy to see this visual list come together. Every single one of these things was nonexistent in my life just 4 months ago and now?  I literally use them all, plus some!

Ok, so here we go, my little everyday guide cathegorized by "eat", "play", "sleep" and "bath".

I will make two categories, one for bottle feeding and one for food, but I will post about this later, once Ian starts eating solids, (by solids I mean, real food pureed into practically a liquid, so not really all that solid at all)He already tried purees remember? but until we found out why is he having that allergic reaction Im gonna have to wait a couple of months.. 

Formula: Nutramigen by Enfamil an average of 6 oz every three hours.
Cereal: Gerber Organic rice and oatmeal twice a day...actually just one time everyday because he is not too happy with this cereal...

This is the previous formula he was taking...

A nursing pillow is a necessity, my Boppy gets used several times every single day. 

Then, BOTTLES for the first weeks or so when I stopped breastfeeding,  Ian hated bottles, so I tried every kind imagineable and after many different brands  finally, he took the Dr. Brown's bottles and of course I had to get the entire equipment...I hate this bottles since they come in a million pieces...I also tried Vent aire and Drop-ins Playtex bottles for our trip to DC and he likes them too


As for the burp cloths, plain old cloth diapers are my favorites. 


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