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Friday, February 18, 2011

Shhhh baby's sleeping!

SLEEP. I think I remember what that word used to mean. While I was pregnant, I was constantly told by other moms, "enjoy your sleep cause you won't be getting any for awhile." Now I know why...

It's night after night after night. It's 2+ months of waking up every morning thinking there's absolutely no way you can possibly get out of bed and fake like you're normal because you are, in fact, a ZOMBIE. It's eye cream and lots of under eye concealer, and coffee, and wishing you could take a nap and acting like you're hearing what people are saying to you.

Here's my sleep story with my sweet sweet baby: He is really colicky from about week 2 to this day, which means (in his case) that he basically cries like he is in pain anytime he is awake. I had him checked by a couple of pediatricians who basically just told me, "babies cry. this one obviously cries more than some." I feed him, change him, play with him, read to him, sing to him, tried the 5 S's, etc. What it came down to was that he needed to be held and walked pretty much all day every day, and sometimes he is still going to cry cry cry. Hence, my instantaneous loss of baby weight from pacing while carrying him for hours and hours a day.

I had a cradle and swing set up in the living room for him, it helps a lot, but whenever he has gasses or colic, he starts to cry, and needs to be held. Yes very exhausting, but, somehow I still think he's perfect, I must be his mom.

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