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Thursday, February 24, 2011


So Ian's going to be 3 Months Old next week...just had to interrupt my editing and add this, as I was reading that it seriously gave me chills, how can it be that he's 3 months old already?... I will make a video for him every month, including pictures and videos. I've realized that the editing process takes me FOREVER because I seem to take WAY too much footage of my little angel I know I know there can never be too much. So this month I decided to slow it down a little bit, obviously I still have to take a thousand pictures of him with the hopes that maybe one or two wont be blurry or too shiny. But I realized as I was going through my camera's tonight that I didn't really take that much footage at none. It made me really sad. What was so different during the 3th month of his life where I decided to record? Nothing. And now that I've realized how guilty I feel of not recording his first days with random cute pictures or thousands of videos of me trying to get his cuteness on camera. I will definitely start recording as much as I can now. So here are a bunch of pictures I love...they're like the same day but...How can you say no to that cute little face?

 Teddy bear

 I love close ups!

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